Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Gayatri Waterfalls

Location: Tarnam Buzurg, Telangana, India

Gayatri waterfalls, a less known water body is situated on Kadam River. The river is a tributary of the grand Godavari River and one of the many waterfalls in and around Nirmal town, along with Kuntala Waterfall and Pochera Falls. Away from the human eye, the waterfalls found its habitat in a remote place inside a deep tropical forest. It is approximately 5 km from Tarnam Khurd, near Neredigonda Mandal of Adilabad district.

It can be reached by traveling 257 km from the state capital Hyderabad toward Adilabad, on NH 7, to Neredigonda village, then traveling 6 km to Kupti village, where there is a sign indicating to take a right to reach Tarnam village. Turn and drive 2 km on a dirt road to the Tarnam Khurd village, from which it is a 5 km walk in the forest to reach the spot.

The villagers living around the waterfalls call it Gadidha Gundam or Mukdi Gundam. It is a definite treat to your eyes to see this amazing waterfall plunging down from a height of 100ft into the valley to create a magnificent sight. We humans feel truly blessed to witness such artistic creations of mother nature.

If you travel 257 kms from Hyderabad towards Adilabad, on NH 7, you can reach Neredigonda village. After reaching Neredigonda village, you have to travel 6 Kms to reach Kupti village, where you will find a sign board indicating to take a right turn to reach Tarnam village. The turn and drive for 2 Kms on a dirt road will take you to the Tarnam Khurd village. From the Tarnam village, we have to walk 5 Kms to reach waterfalls. Make sure you are accompanied by a villager to guide you, or you might get lost in dense jungle.

When you stand to face this inviting falls, you will see the beautiful falls with a huge pool of fresh water under it. The sight is just so amazing, as the drizzling water pecks you on your cheek. Such a modern way to welcome guests! When you climb up to get a top view of the falls, you will feel captivated with a panoramic view.

Tourists need to travel to Nirmal town, located nearly 200 km away from Hyderabad. From here, one needs to travel to Mokhram village, located 36 km away. The waterfall has to be reached by foot for a distance of 5 km.